Kent Slam Champion

Henry secured his spot as longest reigning Kent Slam Champion after a close win over the incredible Nina Telegina (Swords of Words).

At the 2019 Faversham Literary festival Henry competed in the Bookie Slam. A wonderful evening opened by internationally acclaimed poet and author Salena Godden. Following Godden's uplifting opening set the slam took place. Henry scored a top score of 10s across the board for his poem Cold Hands. This success was short lived as poet Alex Vellis went onto receive the same score later in the evening for his poem Atlas. An unexpected second round was declared to decide a winner. The two poets were forced to select another poem to perform. On this round, Henry secured his victory.

Reigning Kent Slam Champion Sadie Davidson and challenger Ellie Ward headlined the evening with a first to 3, 1 on 1 slam. Two exceptional poets both with a unique style that was hard to compare and judge (as is often the case with slams). Sadie ultimately won, holding onto her title, though Ellie's performance was so powerful it could hardly be called a defeat.

Another Bookie slam was held later that year as part of The Bookie festival. This time opened by none other than the gentle powerhouse that is Inua Ellams. Nina Telegina won the slam that followed by a stretch.

Next was the traditional first to 3, 1 on 1 slam. This time, between Sadie Davidson and Henry Madd. Sadie took the first round, Henry took the second. The final round came extremely close but by one vote Henry took the title.

The phenomenal, live wire poet Saifya Kinshasa opened the next Bookie event. Pauline Holmes won the slam that followed with an incredibly poignant piece that proved she was more than just a comedic storyteller. (Not that we don't love her stories about dogs stealing puddings).

Again the evening was finished with a 1 on 1 slam between previous winner Nina Telegina and now reigning champ Henry Madd. It was a tough one to call for the unlucky judges but Henry once again went home with the title.

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