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Henry Madd is an award-winning poet, educator and theatre maker born in the West Midlands now operating in Margate. His work, rooted in his rural upbringing, veers from the heart-warming to the heart wrenching, always with a healthy dose of comedy woven in.

He has performed across the UK and internationally, sharing stages with the likes of Rudy Francisco, Harry Baker and Lemn Sissay. Henry is committed to delivering successful community art projects working with organisations from the Public Library of San Diego to The Phiharmonia Orchestra. He regularly hosts and produces music and poetry events around Kent and is a supported artists of The Marlowe (theatre).

Henry’s premiere solo show: ‘Land Of Lost Content,’ was due to debut at the Edinburgh Fringe 2020 following a string of successful work in progress showings. Now postponed 2021.

“Henry is one of the most exciting performers I’ve come across in the last couple of years."

Harry Baker

Live Events


Henry is co-founder, producer and host of LicKitySpit poetry slams at The Marlowe Kit Canterbury. LicKitySpit fosters a warm community atmosphere, giving new and emerging artists a platform to develop, share the work and receive paid opportunities to perform. Expect fresh disco beats throughout the night from resident DJ: Jimmy Rahman, plus brand-new art exhibits from local artists each month.

Upcoming Shows


Marlow Theatre
The Friars,

Solo Show – Land Of Lost Content/ Come Alive

Jake and Henry grew up together in Dulowl, a small country village, unremarkable in any other way. Along with their friends, they fought, laughed, loved, drank and smoked their way through adolescence, friendships were forged through shared experiences, failed adventures, bad habits and raves. Then Henry moved away.

Now he’s coming back again to a town where worlds are turned upside down in an instant, and yet nothing ever seems to change. What happens when you leave, but everyone else stays the same? Land of Lost Content is an autobiographical spoken word/ theatre show about growing up in a small country town. The need to alleviate boredom by any means necessary means that the need to make it out alive falls to the wayside as the friends’ path is dogged by pitfalls of abuse, unreliable buses and life generally not living up to what they hoped it would be.


Upcoming dates for Land Of Lost Content/ Come Alive

  • 28 September – The Yurt, Hidden Isle Festival, Canterbury.
  • 29 September – Olbys Soul Café, Making Waves Festival, Canterbury.




Henry works extensively teaching writing and theatre workshops to people of all ages and is passionate about promoting writing for wellbeing. He runs various community poetry projects designed to encourage people to connect with each other and the places they call home. Henry combines his theatre background with his writing teaching practice to get words up on their feet keeping writing exciting and relevant.

In his own words:

At school, I didn’t get poetry and saw writing as a chore, I could never imagine doing it for leisure. Now I love it and couldn’t live without it, I want everyone else to share that feeling. You don’t have to be good at spelling or have perfect grammar (I am the prime example of this) to be a writer, you just need to find your voice and say whatever it is you want to say.


Rex is an educational touring presentation and video aimed at students 14 – 21 that explores the dangers of eating disorders with a focus on Anorexia. An introductory presentation covers the science behind the disorders highlighting that they stem from mental rather than physical roots. A video of a live performance then takes us though the biographical journey of a young person’s struggle with Anorexia, focussing on the emotional turmoil of living with this ‘abusive relationship’. The session is wrapped up with an open discussion.

Students and staff were both impressed and commented on the power of the presentation.

Herne Bay High

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Please email for any inquiries regarding bookings, performances and workshops! Henry will typically respond within 24 hours.