The Bramleys Sessions

In 2019 a small collective of poets, events producers and film makers came together to create a digital platform to showcase local emerging artists in Kent. After securing the unique cocktail bar 'Bramleys' as a venue, 'The Bramleys Sessions' were born.

About The Venue

Bramleys Cocktail Bar is undoubtedly the crowning jewel of hidden gems in Canterbury.

Located on Orange St that runs parallel with the Highstreet, Bramleys offers first class cocktails in a bohemian speakeasy style setting. It's could be easy walk past for those who aren't in the know. The entrance is a small unassuming doorway. This is somewhat dwarfed by the big double doors of neighbouring bar The Ballroom (also excellent but very different). However, those who take the plunge down the rabbit role will b rewarded. They will be guided down a short corridor that opens into a spacious and welcoming 1920's style bar with a contemporary twist. The bar staff are both friendly and knowledgeable about the drinks they serve.

The bar is also regular host to many open mics, poetry nights, and gigs. The low hanging quilted ceiling always creates an intimate atmosphere. The perfect setting, whether you're kicking back to some jazz or up dancing to some of the more lively local bands.

The setting and the commitment to supporting local artists made it the obvious choice of venue to host this platform.

The Sessions

Director: Cydney Adams

Camera 1: Francis Consortea Mcrea

Camera 2: Cydney Adams

Producers: Tommy Carver Chaplin and Henry Madd.

Bramleys Sessions was designed to provide local emerging artists with a platform to broadcast their work to a wider audience. Good quality digital content is vital for artists securing work. It also showcases the wonderful poetic talent on offer in Kent to the wider UK scene.

You can find all our videos so far by following the link below. New season coming soon.

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